Life- Finite or Infinite game?

Is life a finite or an Infinite game?

Does your approach towards life depend on whether you see it as a finite or an Infinite game?

In Game theory, there are two types of games: Finite and Infinite. Finite games are played with fixed set of rules and the objective is to win. Infinite game doesn’t have any definite rules as such and the main objective is to perpetuate the game.

Most of us see life as a finite game wherein we want to win this game by chasing fame and money. In search of happiness and fulfillment, we are always on a hedonic treadmill. This approach towards life never makes us feel calm and peaceful but always anxious for our new goals. For someone in college, getting a high paying job is the next big thing. For someone in job, getting a promotion is the next big thing. For someone having his/her own business, getting the first or next round of funding is the next big thing.

So, the question is whether the things we do are wrong or whether our approach is wrong? If there is any problem with the way, we see our life? If our sole purpose should be to hop from one goal to another OR there is a bigger picture to it?

It’s surprising to see, how everything changes once we start seeing life as an infinite game. Since, the main objective of the infinite game is to perpetuate the game. So, we are not competing with others but working on continuing the game which can only be being a better player of this game. Being a better player demands continuous improvement. Continuous improvement makes us more adaptable to this game of life.

As per Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is one that is most adaptable to the change.Image result for adaptable

So, infinite players are adaptable and improving continuously. For them every day of improvement is a win which keeps them going. Infinite player doesn’t need to wait for years to achieve something, but they are achieving daily with every step of positive improvement. Infinite players are not obsessed about their competition but continuous improvement.

In conclusion, Life is an infinite game and the way we feel about our life changes the moment we start seeing it as an Infinite game. The objective is to perpetuate the game by enhancing our life skills over a period of time which will make us a better player of the game of life.

Remember – “Life as an infinite game is about chasing excellence whereas Life as a finite game is about chasing Success.” When you chase excellence, success eventually follows.

Image result for excellence success quote

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